information overload

WHAT AM I REALLY SAYING? PARENTS, monitor your children better. PARENTS, have FACE TO FACE conversations with your children letting them know that it is NEVER okay to dig into the personal lives of others, especially when looking for information to use to hurt them. PARENTS, stop getting on your technological devices to dig into the lives of others to gather information to hurt others as well. Whoever, is creating websites that teach people how to make killing devices to end the lives of others, YOU ARE USING TECHNOLOGY IN A WAY THAT (I believe) IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE USED FOR.
Too many of our babies are KILLING THEMSELVES because someone said something mean about them WHICH WAS POSTED ALL OVER THE WORLD.  When I was growing up, if someone said something mean about you, they were either ignored or beat up.  The result was either fear or respect.  Bottom line, they left you alone.  In other cases, depending on the degree of what was being spread, they might have gotten killed by the person being slandered or designated muscle.

Technology is a WONDERFUL TOOL when used properly. Technology can BRING FAMILIES TOGETHER or KEEP THEM APART.  Technology can HEAL relationships or it can HURT them.  Technology can PROTECT a life or ATTACK it.  It all depends on the HUMAN in CONTROL OF the technology.  TECHNOLOGY, LIKE KNOWLEDGE, IS POWERFUL, but it can also be DEADLY! RECOGNIZE THE BOUNDARIES! REALIZE WHEN YOU HAVE GIVEN, OR RECEIVED, TOO MUCH INFORMATION!


One thought on “FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: T. M. I. (part 4)

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that technology is powerful. My generation learned computers/internet as a part of the regular curriculum. Now, I would imagine ( I have no clue) that kids get an emotional intelligence piece added into that, or some safety guidelines for being online. Granted, things can’t be left up to the schools, but for cohesive cultural change , expectations need to be set at home and school.

    The EI piece of communicating through social media is also a transgenerational like you said. I agree adults should be setting the example.

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