Transformative Thursdays: Legacy Lives On

“There are doors that have opened for me all, because Dr. Jones believed in me. His belief in me was my connection to Inspire [UA Inspirational Chorale].  I wasn’t qualified, didn’t have the pedigree, barely could read music, yet he trusted me.  Dr. Jones was always so gracious towards me and when I’d come into rehearsal he’d make it a point to have the choir sing “Grateful” just so I could play. When I attended concerts and they’d end with Total Praise he’d call me from the crowd to play.  I honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Eddie Jones, he may be gone, but definitely NOT forgotten; many of us are still benefiting from the blessing of knowing him and having him in our lives!” -S.I.

Last week, we reflected on three years since my dad’s passing.  Many students shared how he had touched their lives in various ways.  One of the common threads that struck me was his love for people and his servant’s heart.  He took every opportunity to give to others and to help them in any way he could.  He opened doors for people and gave them opportunities to grow, develop and blossom.  He wasn’t intimidated by their potential or skill and encouraged them to do and be their best.  He led by example—always operating in excellence and pointing people to Christ at the same time.  He was never quick to take the credit but truly humbled that God would use him and always gave the Lord the praise.  He gave of himself freely and expected nothing in return.


I wonder how many of us can look back over our lives and see the impact we’ve had on others. How many of us shared a smile with someone who was discouraged even when we needed a smile ourselves?  How many of us graciously gave someone else an opportunity to shine even if they didn’t seem ready for it?  How many of us look for opportunities to give back, be a blessing and serve?  1 Corinthians 13 reminds us that love is the greatest attribute — even above faith and hope.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  Love can heal our world.


Next time you’re confronted with an opportunity to show love, serve or help someone, go out of your way to make a difference.  Watch your world begin to change.  What will your legacy be? 


~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

2 thoughts on “Transformative Thursdays: Legacy Lives On

  1. Thank you Colletta for sharing this. May God continue to keep open doors and an open heaven always before you. I decree your time is now. I decree your breakthrough is now!. FATHER I thank you for this woman of God, and her love and faithfulness to you, her family her church, and to the lost of this world. I THANK YOU FATHER. This is her season. I thank you that all needs will be met spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically, that you will give her new dreams and new visions of the next level of ministry for her and her husband and children. I lift up Tony to you today also , and I decree Breakthrough in finances and in his walk with you Lord!. I thank you that I see them walking in the supernatural favor of the Lord! I pray father that a warrior spirit rize up in them and where the enemy has tried to spoil and rob from them I pray they will return fire in the spirit realm and claim and take back what belongs to them in Jesus name. Let the thief who stole, steal no longer in Jesus name!. RIZE up and do not be afraid! Your redemption draws near! RESTORE all that was taken. Let them chase the enemy, and the enemy will no longer chase them. Persue the persuer as God teaches you.LET THEM DECREE YOUR BLESSINGS DAILY..Give them disernment to fight for what belongs to them, In Jesus mighty name! Amen


  2. Awesome and very true. That’s a selfless legacy because he seemed to have thought so much of others. That’s exactly what love is. It’s oh so selfless. Looks like you got a big whiff 9f it too. Keep it up. Awesome


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