Mellow Mondays: The Black Criteria

One of my friends sends a text out every Monday called “Meaningful Monday” where he  asks thought provoking questions or give us an inspiring quote to uplift our week.  This week he sent the picture below and ask did we agree with the “Blacks Must Haves” and explain our position.  0

Well of course I gave my two cents and looked at the list wondering how did the person who created this come up with the criteria.  Below were my thoughts:

1. Water, exercise, and proper nutrition is important for everyone regardless of their race.

2. Yes we should strive to have a legit source of income because the justice system tends to fail African Americans all the time.

3. It would be nice to have a black owned bank account but we are not all fortunate enough to have one in the city we live in. You need to be able to bank at a location where you can talk to a live person if needed.

4. Yes to the emergency fund but let it be based off your current income and have your debts paid off as well (Dave Ramsey lesson)

5. Yes we need to read. People died for the right for us to do so. We need to be able to inform ourselves.

6. Yes we need a DL, a voter registration card, and insurance.

7. Guess I need to learn how to swim.

8. A passport is a great investment. Can’t wait to use mine.

9. Is the credit score truly important if you can pay for everything in cash and have no debt (Another Dave Ramsey lesson)

10. I need to get my concealed weapons permit.

Do you agree with the above list?

Thanks Terrance for the blog idea!

2 thoughts on “Mellow Mondays: The Black Criteria

  1. Both of y’all need to come vacation with me. We’ll take care of that swimming problem AND stamp those passports in a two for one deal!


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