information overload

Let me ask you a question?  Do you really need to be able to google about HOW TO CREATE A BOMB? Do you really need to be able to have access to the PERSONAL and GRUESOME AUTOPSY PICTURES OF STARS who died tragically?  Do we really need to delve into the “HOW TO’s” of  BECOMING A PROSTITUTE FOR DUMMIES?  NO! AGAIN, I SAY NO!  We live in a time when we can GOOGLE EVERYTHING and find out more than we need to know about certain issues and everybody elses’ business.  T. M. I.

Who decides what is too much information?  IT USE TO BE THE PARENT but many of them are on their (not so) smart phones, driving their (not so) smart cars heading to their million hour work week jobs where they might return that same day to interact with their children., should their children have time for them.  You see, the children are ALSO on their (not so) smart phones and (not so) smart computer/pads texting, tweeting, instagramming, face timing, snap chatting (or whatever the latest flavor of the month is) about the NOT SO PERSONAL lives of EVERYBODY ELSE.  Don’t get me started on the bullying, which we not see is NOT limited to people under the age of 20.  T. M. I.

(you better believe I have more on this)



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