Serenity Sunday: 10 songs that help me escape from life


It’s crazy how we don’t have to pause-and-think about the stuff that frustrates us. Our default setting can often be the heavy, concerning things. And I’m not just talking state-of-the-world type stuff. Our parent, job, life, and social obligations can lift, shake, and break us at the same time. It’s why we go for walks, take vacations, go to church and other places to recharge for the week, have daily meditation time, and take social media hiatuses. When I feel like I’m being held hostage by life, a quick go-to relaxation method I can always count on is music. The art of sound. Let a song “crescendo just right”, and I can literally forget that my issues exist.

Today, I’m meditating on the power of music and its ability to momentarily divert one’s attention. I’ve got 10 on my mind. These songs have a little dust on them, and, for the past year, I have managed to reconnect with them as if they were new. They’ve eased my mind while commuting to and from work, cleaning the kitchen, soaking in the bathtub, performing karaoke, running, and just doing life in general. Not only are these songs beautiful and loving, they make me feel weightless and put me in a reflective place. They also serve as a reminder for serious women, like myself, how important it is to experience romance and soft places…

I was once told I liked “dreamy music”. Songs made for walking along beaches and waterfronts. Evidently, this is true.

Escape with me.

  1. With You I’m Born Again- Billy Preston and Syreeta
  2. By Your Side- Sade
  3.  Into the Mystic- Van Morrison
  4. Say- Kem
  5. No One In the World- Anita Baker
  6. When You Believe- Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey
  7. Killing Me Softly- The Fugees
  8. Pretty Wings- Maxwell 
  9. Her Heart- Anthony Hamilton
  10. Inside My Love- Trina Broussard



Clinnesha D. Sibley is an award-winning playwright and published poet/essayist. She is the Literary Arts Instructor at Mississippi School of the Arts in Brookhaven, MS. For more information, please visit: 

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