information overload

IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE ACCESS TO TOO MUCH INFORMATION?  Speaking as one who LOVES researching and sharing information, my answer might actually surprise you. YES! Why is this my answer you ask? Because sometimes you can enter the TOO MUCH INFORMATION ZONE and NOT know what to do with or HANDLE the information received or given.  WHAT DO I MEAN?  Well, I’m glad that you asked.  You see . . . “Once upon a time, NOT too long ago, a lot of information was NOT so easily accessible so people had to actually PHYSICALLY SEARCH through BOOKS and MAGAZINES, and LIBRARIES with PERIODICALS to find out about stuff.  They learned just enough to hold  . . . wait for it . . . CONVERSATIONS!!!  PEOPLE HAD TO HAVE FACE TO FACE CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER PEOPLE TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE ABOUT A PARTICULAR TOPIC OR TOPICS.  NOVEL IDEA, HUH?

Imagine . . . a book in one’s hand.  Thumbing through the pages.  Gaining JUST ENOUGH information  to hold an intelligent conversation and or make an intelligent decision regarding a matter.  Just enough information so as NOT to cause INFORMATION (brain) OVERLOAD.  Depending on the topic, NO GRAPHIC PICTURES or EXTREMELY PERSONAL information revealed.  Parents did not have to worry (as much) that their child would accidentally stumble across anything that would SCAR them (too much) for life.  The most harmful thing was maybe some medical pictures of naked people going through certain procedures or underwear ads in magazines and catalogs.   In other words, nothing that would fall into the category of “T. M. I.”  It is too easy to google EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY.  NOTHING IS PRIVATE OR OFF LIMITS ANYMORE!

(oh, I’m just getting started)



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