Transformative Thursdays: The Extra Mile

My husband periodically substitute teaches on his off days.  He told our family that once he’s requested, he asks the teacher for his/her lesson plan so he can prepare to teach the material.  Since he’s done this, he’s taught choir, history, Spanish and many other subjects.  I was taken back to my junior high and high school days of having a substitute teacher.  Usually they “babysat” us and took note of the rowdy kids while we completed a worksheet or some other busy work.  I remember having subs filing their nails or reading a magazine the whole time.  I have very few memories of them actually teaching.


I was surprised to learn that my husband is so dedicated as a teacher and to doing his best job with excellence that he goes the extra mile (above the expectation) to do a job.  Because of this, he is frequently requested to sub because teachers love knowing that their class won’t have a “wasted” learning day.


How many of us go the extra mile on our jobs, in our marriages, in our relationships, and in every endeavor?  Do we only do what’s required?  Do we spend the extra time and effort to go beyond?  Favor always follows excellence.  So next time we’re faced with a situation in which we can get by, let’s challenge ourselves to do more…to give more…to prepare more…to do more than is required not just to get noticed but because we operate in excellence.  Go the extra mile!


~Coletta Jones Patterson


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