Mellow Mondays: Your Most Important Relationship

Last week I spoke briefly about the medical woes I was having.  So let me give you a background to my September.   On Sunday, September 3rd I was having such abdominal pain that I literally sleep all day.  I thought my stomach was hurting because I ate too many hot Cheetos.  On September 4th, I woke up and went to work (yes I know it was Labor Day but that doesn’t stop payroll submission).  While the the abdominal pain came back so strong that I called by friend (who happens to be a nurse) and said meet me at the walk in clinic.  Well the doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong and schedule an ultrasound the following Friday.   Nothing amiss came back from the ultrasound.  YAY or so I thought.  On September 11th, I woke up to some freakish hives all over my body.  I had to go see my PCP and get a steroid shot.  To be on the safe side he prescribed steroids for the next week. Let me tell you steroids make you angry and hungry.  Not a combination to be when you have to be around people everyday.  On September 17th, I was feeling great.  Attended worship service.  Worked my part time job.  I even came into my full time job to get a jump start on the week.  Well things went down hill from there.  Ended up in the emergency room and found out I had diverticulitis.

So what is the point of this long background story of my medical woes?  Well, I am glad you asked.  During all the craziness (and the fact my friends took my car away from me) I realized that I have to take care of myself.  I have to nurture the most important relationship I have and that is the one with myself.

Everyone should make the time work on yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  You need to truly know yourself in order to prosper in all aspects of your life.  Everyone needs to bring a 100 percent of themselves in any endeavor they pursue.  Please do not count on any one else to fulfill your happiness.  While people do have good intentions they will fail you every time.   No one knows what you truly need or desire but you.

So I am challenging myself to give Neikeita her very best.  That’s the only way I can continue to be happy and be blessing to someone else.

Happy Monday!


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