FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: You Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

rays of light

Have you ever had one of those weeks when EVERYTHING seemed to be crashing down around you?  Welcome to my week.  Well, EVERYTHING is not crashing down around me but it sure feels like it.  My car is STILL not working right, I am overwhelmed with job training (TONS of things to learn), and my husbands’ puppy died.   If we were face to face, this would be the point when I would ask so . . . . how are you doing?

Despite the sucky beginning of this blog, I am striving to shake this negative bug off.  I have been blessed with a new job making a livable wage.  I am feeling WORLDS better since I have been seeing a Chiropractor.  I even lost 10 pounds.  SO!  Instead of allowing myself to get bogged down in the negative aspects of my life, which I KNOW are TEMPORARY, I will remember that . . . THE SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN!!!




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