Therapeutic Tuesday: Jumbled

There are times that I really bemoan the fact that as a community figure, (teacher, minister), I can’t just fly off the handle and say the very things that I want to say exactly how I want to say it. Oh, the people I would tell off! Oh, the scathing commentaries I would unleash with the fury of the gods!

Then I remember that I’m not naturally wired like that. I might vent and rage at home, inside my head, or to my wife, but my heart is too tender to every just speak off of the cuff. I’m too considerate of how my words will affect those around me, no matter the view or perspective. Some might call that a weakness, but I see it as a strength. I see it as a blessing that I’m just introverted and considerate enough to consider others before I say anything. I never want to cause harm with my words. I want to speak in love, and encourage others.

I also know that everyone is not like me. The climate of the US right now is unstable. As unstable as I can remember it in my lifetime. People are saying things, trying to defend perspectives and views. opinions are being shot from cannons aimed at people, and not their ideas. I wish that we wall would just stop posting on FB and Twitter. Quit instagramming and snapchatting for just a little while and consider the power of our words.

Words have power. But also it’s not just what we are saying. It is that we aren’t listening. Truly listening. We are listening to respond, yes. But listening to understand? Not so much. That has to change. White people have to be open to understanding what minorities are saying. Minorities have to be open to understanding what white people are saying. I know the ugliness of our country. But I also know that there has to be a way forward that is not informed by hate and incessant rhetoric about things that don’t matter when we have a real human rights issue playing out right in front of our eyes.

Times like this, I am so very glad that the Cross of Christ is my freedom and my liberty. I’m also glad that I’m a citizen of Heaven. But as I live here on earth, on loan from God, my job is to help bridge gaps and sow seeds of love wherever I can.

Sorry that my thoughts aren’t focused. But be blessed today!

And stop and think before you post.

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