Say What?!? Saturday: Laugh Break!

Soooooooooooooooooo everyone needs a lil tee hee, a kee kee in their lives. I tend to get my giggles from Instagram. I follow a couple of comedians I feel are worth checking out.

Tony Baker is great for his animal voice overs. He also has various characters. They are lavish <- you’ll get that after watching. His IG is: TonyBaker

Anthony Adams is great for his reactions to music and various characters. AH HA HA is his spice laugh lol His IG is: SpiceAdams

Kevin Fredericks is great for his clean family comedy. Check him out on Periscope as well at Kevonstage. His IG is: KevOnStage

Karlton Humes has a various funny characters of church people lol His IG is Notkarltonbanks

Christianee Porter has a character Ms. Shirleen that is someone everybody has encounted in the baptist church. lol She also has other characters she plays. Her IG is thechristishow

Anthony Davis is actually a fellow comedian friend of Kevin Fredericks. His IG is MrAntDavis

Tyree Elaine is hilarious for her observations about life. Her IG is tyreeelaine

So these are just a few of my daily laughs or pick me ups.




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