Say What?!? Saturday: Breathing Spaces


Breathing Spaces. They are ok to have. I believe because of the intensity of my summer semester, I tend to beat myself up if I’m not glued to my desk every waking moment. For instance, this morning I rose early with every intention of finishing a lab assignment before I go to work. None of that happened.

I ate bacon, drank orange juice and caught up on Instagram stories…oh and started writing this post lol

One thing I did learn, is that you can’t force learning. If you MAKE yourself sit here and your mind is not focused, you’re just reading words and won’t retain any of it. Then you have to re-read what you just read and you’re basically wasting time. Sooooo,  I don’t force it. I don’t do all night sessions because I could have slept during that time. Sleep is bae ya’ll.

Anywho, enjoy the breathing spaces. They are allowed.


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