Every September the Pinpoint Seafood Festival takes place in Pinpoint, Georgia (technically still in the city of Savannah) and it is a MASSIVE UNDERTAKING.  Planning begins immediately after the one day celebration is completed.  Oh yes, a review of the current celebration takes place but thoughts already flow to the upcoming celebration.  I attended and as usual, IT WAS WONDERFUL.  Great food and fellowship were the order of the day.  Boiled crabs, boiled shrimp, Low Country Boil, Shrimp Lobster salad, Shrimp and Grits with gravy, Shrimp rice, Salmon Croquets,  were a few of the delicious items available.  There was even a new vendor at the event.  Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. I was thrilled to see them although I did not partake of their wares.  We must not forget the t-shirts created specifically for this festival  which were in the forefront in all of their orange glory.

Each year I can see the difference as the festival faithful move off the scene and as the elders would say, “step out of time into eternity.”  There is one elder I look for each year.  To say she means a great deal to me would be an understatement.  I consider this person to be the jewel of  Pinpoint, Georgia.  Most would not recognize her name but would recognize her sons’ name.  Ms. Leola Williams, mother of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is that jewel of Pinpoint, Georgia.  Under the tent with the blue crab, crayfish, and low country boil with the blue crab, shrimp, corn, sausage, and red potatoes in it, Ms. Leola sits smiling a smile that’s like a visual hug.  When asked how she is doing, her response, “I am fine and God is good,”  then the family updates begin.

So next year, when I go to the Pinpoint Seafood Festival, like the delicious food that I look forward to enjoying, I will also look forward to seeing that beautiful smile of the jewel of Pinpoint, Georgia, sitting under the tent where I can find the boil blue crab, crayfish, and low country boil with the blue crab, shrimp, corn, sausage, and red potatoes in it .  .  .  Mrs. Leola Williams.



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