Say What!?! Saturday: Pottery and things

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m back in school. Last semester I had the luxury of not working so my life consisted of sleep and study. My friends hardly saw me until the semester ended. 

This semester, I’ve had to add a part time job into the mix and I’m still finding my flow. It’s been challenging. I dont study nearly as long as I did last semester but it IS forcing me to study more efficiently.  I work Wed-Sat and have class on Monday. I try to get home in time from work to shift my mindset toward study. 

This week was rough though because of Labor Day weekend. I was still on vacay mode. This past weekend I went on a roadtrip with some longtime girlffiends. Oddly enough, having been friends nearly 10 years, we had never done a trip. We had a blast! Savannah and Tybee Island were our destinations. We got lucky and atteneded a Baconfest! The weather held out and we spent a day on the beach *dreamy sigh* I also got to drive a GMC Yukon! Ooooh lemme tell you, I was whippin that car too and fro and it had all this new fangled technology! But I can see how ppl in big SUVs can get a little pushy lol I sooo dont need one in real life but it was fun for a roadtrip. 

So this semester Im aiming for a work/life/study balance so when my friend invited me to paint pottery last night, I went. It was quite soothing and a bonus that I got to support black business. I’ll leave ya’ll with a picture (can you tell I’m proud) lol

Until next time,


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