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On September 5, 2017, I drove to Atlanta which is 251 miles from start to final destination.  Of course the return is another 251 miles. During my training I discovered that I would have to do a turnaround due to impending dangerous weather and the location in my emergency plan is in the city of Atlanta.  The miles from starting point to destination is 249 miles.  In a two and a half day period, I will have driven 741 miles.  A state of EXHAUSTION is the only word that describes how  I am feeling.

Two days of job training to prepare for my new position requires me to drive from Savannah to Atlanta,  402 miles round trip.  A lot? Not really.  Add 249 miles more.  While at training, a text comes through that Chatham County is under a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricaine Irma, beginning Saturday morning through Sunday morning.  Can you say “CAR RENTAL EXTENSION?” Considering the size of this MASSIVE storm, Atlanta is the safest and most economical location.  Family is graciously providing the living accommodations and the distance should be enough to keep us safe.

Here I sit sharing my “Irma experience” with you, tired from a turn around drive but THANKFUL for my life and family.  Due to the size of this storm, we are expecting to feel some effects of Hurricane Irma all the way up here in Atlanta.  I am praying that WHENEVER WE ARE ALLOWED TO RETURN HOME, we will find everything to be fine with little to no damage. I pray for EVERYONE who is being affected and will be affected by this storm that is larger than the state of Texas.  BE SAFE!


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