Mellow Mondays: The Positivity of Availability

Last weekend I wrote about the quote below:

“Sometimes your best ability is availability”

I examined the negative aspect of this quote as it relates to relationships. This week I would like to explore the positive aspect of availability. I sent this quote to a few of my friends and asked how would they interpet the six words listed above.  Surprisingly I received overwhelming positive responses. One of my friends stated availabilty as the best characteristic / trait is being accessible when needed / wanted.

In relationships, romantic or platonic, each person has to be available. Each person has to put forth their very best efforts in order to foster a bond that will sustain the relationship. It’s comforting feeling knowing that someone who call friend or your signaficant other will show up when you call on them. When you are having a bad day. When you need bounce ideas off of them. When you just want to go have fun. When just want to be in their presence because it calms your soul.

We live in a society today where things are expected to happen instantly and be post-able for all the likes on social media. We’ve forgotten how much works goes into building relationships. In understanding that availability goes a long way.

My desire is that I bring more to the table than my availability. Now availability is important but I hope I can bring clarity, laughter, insight, fun, or any other aspect that helps in building the relationship. I surely don’t want to be the person who just takes up time, energy and space and not show the positivity of availability.

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