old job new job

Page one of this new chapter in my life has been written today and I am so pleased.  I STARTED A NEW JOB TODAY!  In this position, I will be aiding many who need job training, medical information, life skills, and anything else that will allow them to be as independent as possible.  Working with people with physical, emotional, and/or mental challenges is something dear to my heart and now, after all these years, the door of opportunity opened.  I was finally prepared to walked through that door.  I KNOW that this position will allow me to bless others and be blessed in return.

Many people are dissatisfied with their line of work.  At 51, I am embarking on a new career.  IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!   I am determined to keep growing, learning, and helping others figure out what they want to do with their lives by teaching them how to set goals and obtain the skills necessary to achieve them.  I am truly grateful to everyone who encourages me to NEVER GIVE UP  and I will continue to do the same for others.  Paying it forward will be a joy.  Stay tuned.


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