Say What?!? Saturday: Children aka Chirren

So today I encountered what I considered to be a lot of children at once. Anything more than two at once is a bit much for me. The ages were anywhere between 2yrs old to 12yrs old. The older ones were fine but them yougins…Lord help.

As they ran around, used the bathroom multiple times, twirled around the room, and the nonstop chorus of “mom’s” that the mother IGNORED, it was but confirmation that I do NOT want kids *sigh* Please stop looking at me like I’m Cruella Deville and have just skinned my 102nd puppy.  I’m not mean to kids.  I’m always polite and was even a nanny for awhile but at some point I’m done and over it.

I’m 33 and perfectly okay with not having kids. I used to feel guilty about this. I used to think I was “broken”. I asked my Mother “Does not wanting kids make me a bad person?” She said “No, it’s a personal preference”. Whenever someone hears I would rather be childless, they say “Oh, you just haven’t met the right man yet” or “Whose going to take care of you in your old age?” These statements irritate me further. Firstly, children are independent beings separate from a man. Meaning, if a tragedy were to happen or we simply break up, I got from being part of a team to a single parenthood. Secondly, having a child does not guarantee they will do right by you in the future. You could be raising a sociopath. Just sayin…

Over the years, I’ve gone through the compromising phase “Well, if I love him enough, I’ll have his babies” or “What man would want a woman who doesn’t want children?” Maybe I’m thinking more men want children than those who don’t. Who knows. I do recognize that this has held me back from dating somewhat. I’m still working through the societal guilt trip but I’d much rather know that I’m not up for motherhood than to have a child and regret it.

What are your thoughts on women who choose not to have children? Do you think something is “wrong” with them? Keep it classy in the comments.


One thought on “Say What?!? Saturday: Children aka Chirren

  1. There is dignity in choice. I support a woman’s right to choose in every facet of her life: flats or stilettos, curly or straight, Kids or no kids. Live your life!


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