FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: What Is Needed For Such A Time As This?

Lady Liberty Cries


So much ignorance abounds in this country!  It is clear that MANY AMERICANS DO NOT KNOW THE HISTORY of THIS COUNTRY and this includes THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  We live in a time when educating the masses with the FACTS of history is not acceptable.  Many would prefer THEIR version of historical fiction and call it fact.  Someone once said that if we were not careful, people would not know anything about the founding of this country and the trials and lives that brought it to bear.  WELL, WE ARE THERE!  Accurate, factual, histories are not being taught in school, therefore our “millennials” have no clue about WHY so many are angry about the confederate flags and other symbols of the confederacy.  No clue about why “black lives matter” has become a movement even though we embrace that ALL lives matter.  No clue about why going to school to not only learn the information but teach the CORRECT information to the teacher and peers when the information is wrong.  No clue that this wonderful country that we live in is the original home of the Native Americans, referred to as Indians, which have been relegated to reservations still today in many cases.  SO MUCH history UNKNOWN and UNTAUGHT!!!  PEOPLE IN HIGH POSITIONS LEADING THIS COUNTRY IGNORANT TO IT’S ORIGINS.  It is true that if a person does not know their history, they are doomed to repeat it.  WELCOME TO THE REPEAT.


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