What’s Happening Wednesday: Pardon Our Mess

My family and I survived the first full week of school. I know, it doesn’t seem like a very big deal, but it took more effort than I’d like to admit.

You see, the toddler and I are the only two people not currently enrolled in classes. That means it is our (mostly my)job to keep everyone else on task. I already had plenty to do. This semester brought with it the new challenge of multiple school stops. This means I need to be at my place of employment by 6:10 am in order to pick up my big kid by 3:00 and the middle child by 3:30. There is homework, then after-school snacks. We have extracurricular activities almost every night of the week. I’m tired just thinking about it.

With all that going on, some of my regular chores have been pushed to the back burner. There are unopened bills on the dining room table, next to the stacks of papers my kids want me to review and sign. The floor in the kids room needs to be mopped, and I’m embarrassed to admit that sometimes I doze off with dishes in the sink. Basically, my house is a mess.

Have you ever seen those caution signs with the message about pardoning dust? I need one of those in necklace form. I am reminded, though, that this mess is temporary. In a week or two, I’ll find my rhythm. My schedule will be set, and we will be able to see the top of the table again.

Not only is the mess temporary, but it is necessary. You cannot build anything without kicking up dust, and we are building, growing, progressing.

My favorite store at the mall recently underwent a remodeling project. The store did not close during the process, but it made for an interesting shopping experience. It was loud while the construction crews were doing their jobs. It was inconvenient as parts of the store were off-limits, and merchandise was temporarily moved. But when they were done, the store had a better layout, a convenient sitting area, and a small cafe. The temporary inconveniences were well worth it, once the project was complete.

I am reminded of that as I look at my dining room table. Pardon our dust… And if you expect to enter our home any time soon, wear a hard hat and ear plugs. Safety goggles are optional. Enter at your own risk.

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