Mellow Monday: When The Church Is Silent

Last week we had a lot going on in the world.  The US was dealing with the foolishness of Charlottesville and Barcelona its own problem as well.  Social media was posting every picture, article, personal opinion, or anything else that had a share button.  I follow several Christian social media sites.  I enjoy reading the daily motivation these sites post but I was perplexed on last Tuesday when the “Pray for Barcelona” pictures went up but no postings were made in regards to Charlottesville.  No postings condemning the violence.  No postings condemning the racism.  No postings encouraging each other to love.

The church, regardless if it is predominately white or predominately black, cannot afford to be silent especially during the times we are living now.  More so, the church’s voice should be resoundingly loud during this moment of people not loving their neighbors. Now how do you define the church?  Is it building?  Is it is the pastor and the different auxiliaries?  No, the church is YOU and ME.  Those of us who LOVE God must be vocal in spreading love.  We must be vocal in explaining why hatred gets us no where.  And we must have ACTION behind our words.  We must show our fellow man LOVE and FORGIVENESS.


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