Transformative Thursdays: The Puzzle

While watching my son put a puzzle together, I made an observation.  Occasionally, he had difficulty putting the pieces in the correct space and sometimes he had difficulty with getting the piece to fit.  As I watched him work to figure it out, I thought about the many times in life we struggle with our puzzle—life.  We have the right pieces to the puzzle–gifts, skills, talents, the personality, the right circumstances– but life doesn’t seem to be coming together the way we thought or planned.  However, just because the pieces don’t seem to fit, that does not mean they do not fit.  They may need a little turning around, or flipping upside down to fit into the space.  My son figured out that he had the right piece, he just had to find out how it fit.  It took him a few tries and it didn’t happen quickly, but he got it.

Next time, things seem to be slow or simply not working, don’t give up.  Work with what you have and find the solution.  Many times, we give up too quickly and start a new puzzle because we get frustrated, confused or upset.  But if we take a moment and evaluate our puzzle, we may already have exactly what we need to complete our puzzle.

Life is your puzzle.  Work with what you have.  Find the pieces that fit.  Don’t give in to your emotions.  Don’t quit. Keep working.  Keep moving and watch everything come together into a beautiful puzzle!


~Coletta Jones Patterson

*If you need accountability, guidance and a fresh perspective in putting your puzzle together, connect with me at and I’ll take the journey with you as your personal development or executive coach! Together, we can help you move forward.

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