Make It Work Monday: Living With Unmet Expectations 

I tried y’all. For the past several days I sat down to my computer trying to prepare some mind blowing piece for you all to read and gawk over from the utter brilliance of my words (giggle). I actually wrote parts of three different things none of which felt right today. I thought that maybe it’s because I know that we are about to launch a major education feature starting tomorrow where each of our staffers will share their thoughts on an important issue we presently face in our nation.  (That really is gonna happen by the way so be sure to tune in throughout the week.)

Then I read an article that smacked me upside my head and I realized that today was a day for me to receive and not give. 

The article was about how unmet expectations can kill relationships romantic and otherwise.

Yeah, mind blown.

Because I’ve been bubbling on this topic for quite awhile thinking about the intensity of all my relationships and determining which ones are healthy and why and which ones are unhealthy and why.

I am a person with a LOT of expectations. I am also a very observant person and if you read this article you’ll see how that can get a person like me in a lot of trouble. I really do recommend that you check the article out. Here’s the link if you are curious.

The Silent Marriage Killer More Deadly Than Sex & Money—I Wasn’t Ready for This… 

by Derek Harvey

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