“Lest WE forget!” The sign refers to the first Negro to give his life for independence. WE now have independence in many areas and yet UNITY is not there. The question must also be asked, WHAT ARE WE TO BE UNIFIED ABOUT? So many different views on so many different things going in so many different directions. It’s like an octopus going in different directions about to split itself. I no longer sing We Shall Overcome because we as a HUMAN RACE have not overcome our prejudice, bias’, hatred, selfishness, envy, etc. The definition of SUCCESS is having what I need for me, enough for you, and some left over to help others! It’s not WHAT IS MINE; I’M GOING TO KEEP IT. WHAT IS YOURS; I’M GOING TO TAKE IT! SUCCESS FOR THE HUMAN RACE, THROUGH FORWARD MOVEMENT, CANNOT HAPPEN FOR SOME AND NOT ALL.  ALL MUST MEAN ALL!!!!


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