Transformative Thursdays: Stay the Course or Jump Ship?

Staying the course was a very familiar phrase my father often said.  His encouragement to me was to endure, persist and never give up.  In today’s world of “if things don’t work out, I’ll just leave”, staying the course is not popular.  Staying the course doesn’t mean you put yourself in jeopardy in bad situations but it does mean there will be times when you’ll have to wait it out.  You’ll have to persevere and do things that are uncomfortable.

On the other hand, there are times when the tide changes and we are free to follow the tide.  But we must be cautious to follow the tide only after we have run our initial course and finished.  Knowing when the tide has changed, when it’s time to move on and when it’s time to stay put can be difficult.  But the Lord promises to be with us and to hear our prayers.  He also knows our hearts’ desires and works things out for our good if we are walking according to His plan.

Next time you find yourself in the middle of not knowing if it’s time to dig your heels in and stay the course or run with the tide, pray and ask for an answer.  Usually the right answer will come accompanied with peace.  Wait for your green light and go!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*If you need accountability and guidance in getting outside of the boat and an extra push, connect with me at and I’ll take the journey with you as your personal development coach!  

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