Say What?!? Saturday: Working!

Ya’ll, yesterday felt awesome. My natural hairdresser, Kiyomi Rollins, is in the process of re-branding and relaunching her shop called The Good Hair Shop. 85% of the renovation is done and yesterday was the first day of work. Who knew I’d be happy sitting on the floor putting together furniture. lol

Most of that happiness was to be working again and also because I believe in her vision 1000%. Not only do I get to create organic plant based hair product goodness but people will be able to come in, have a seat at the “bar” and customize their selections. It’s the first of its kind here in Atlanta. Our relaunch party is Saturday July 29th @ 7pm. Check the site for more details (plug!).

Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night. Today we get further into it.

She had a sign artist come out to put her logo on the building and it’s gorgeous. He did it by hand! He is a former vet, whose parents are artists, but also learned the trade by putting the lettering on military boats and whatnot. His Instagram is @williambrucemitchell.

Just a sneak peek at his work!


Anywho, I hope you check out her online store (shipping to almost anywhere!) and the physical location!




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