Transformative Thursdays: Why You Can’t Afford to Settle

Have you ever done something you later regretted?  We’ve all been there.  We took a job we didn’t really want because we needed the money.  We ended up in a relationship that was unhealthy because it felt better to be with someone than to be alone.  We ended up staying at a church that no longer provided the spiritual nourishment and fellowship we needed because it was comfortable.  We ended up staying at a “dead end job” because we were afraid to leave the comfort of the boat.  We ended up allowing our young kids to become our friends because it was seemingly easier at the time than disciplining them.  In short, we settled for a life that was sub-par and not what was intended for us.  Then, we typically find ourselves mad or upset with those who haven’t settled.

Settling sets you up for dissatisfaction, not being fulfilled, stress, frustration and confusion.  We are torn between knowing we need to make that move or change and between being comfortable.  The longer we stay in the place of comfort, the more we justify why it’s not really that bad.  It could be worse.  After all, it’s providing an immediate need when we can’t see how the other might work out.  Once we settle, we begin to forget about the dreams, goals and passions we once had.  We settle for mediocrity and getting by and slowly release and give up on what we could have had.

Leaving the comfort of the boat, means we have to make a choice to move forward even though we don’t know how it will work out.  We trust God to work it out as we walk it out.  Leaving the boat requires commitment to stick it out when it looks like things aren’t working out.  Leaving the boat means we won’t always have all the answers, but we can rest assured that God does.

Next time you find yourself settling for less than you want, take a personal assessment of your life.  Think about your dreams and goals.  Think about those things that excite you.  What stopped you from going after them?  See yourself going after them and stepping out of the boat.  Your place of fulfillment and joy is waiting for you outside of the boat.  That’s why you can’t afford to settle.  #getmoving!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*If you need accountability and guidance in getting outside of the boat and an extra push, connect with me at and I’ll take the journey with you as your personal development coach!  

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