Therapeutic Tuesday: The Spirit of Adventure

I’m sitting in the office at my church, getting some final things ready for the second night of our vacation bible school this week. A VBS that my wife and I are directing with an amazing team of servant leaders at our church. A VBS that I never thought I would ever have anything to do with, but then again our church had never done one before.

This VBS comes immediately after a Sunday in which we had our first children’s service in “big church”. A service that I never saw myself putting together. For a ministry that my wife and I never wanted.

That service came immediately after we had spent two weeks in some of the most beautiful area in the US. A part of the US that we had never heard of. Holland, Michigan. Working in a camp for a company that I never really had an interest in.

This camp came on the heels of us finding out that we were pregnant with our fifth..yes…FIFTH…child.

Do you see my theme here?

In Genesis, when God called Abraham out of his homeland and comfort, He was essentially calling him to say “YES” to a life of adventure! That is what the will of God is. It is stepping away from the familiar and allowing ourselves to be completely caught up into the winds of is will. It is saying “YES” to whatever God desires.

And that will almost always lead us into situations that we never thought we would EVER find ourselves in.

So, do what we are learning to do!

Enjoy it!

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