Transformative Thursdays: The Power of a Vision

Having a vision is necessary to accomplishing anything in life.  A vision gives life to your goals and propels you forward when you feel like giving up.  A vision reminds you of why you’re doing what you’re doing.  A vision keeps you on track and less likely from being burdened with distractions.  A vision answers the “why” to your sacrifices.  Simply put, knowing where you’re going drives you to get there.  The clearer and stronger your vision, the faster you’ll drive to get there.

If you don’t have a clear, written out vision statement, spend a few minutes thinking and dreaming about where you’re going.  Who do you want to encounter on your drive? What places do you want to visit?  What experiences do you want to have?  Who do you want riding in the car with you?  Where do you want to end up? Take it a step further and put images or pictures to your vision and create a vision board or a vision binder.  Place it where you’ll see it often.

All of those powerful questions above will drive you to your vision.  There will be stops and a few detours along the way, but having a vision is a great start to get moving and to seeing the results for which you are looking!

*If you need coaching to help you clarify your vision and move towards your dreams, let’s begin your journey today.  Connect with me at

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