#ComeThru37 (Part 3)

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin

I didn’t get much sleep the night I arrived, but I was definitely up and ready to hit the ground running. Reason being, my Mama really doesn’t know how to retire and I’ll let you in on a little secret…I LOVE working with my Mama!  My parents had an idea years and years ago to create a company that would help those who work with and care about young children to be well equipped to help facilitate early learning opportunities in formal and informal environments.  They brought me in on the front end as their first logo designer at the ripe age of eight.  I was so proud that they trusted me with that very important role and I’ve been working in the family business on the side ever since.  Over time the company evolved into the present day Marta Collier Educational Systems & Services, LLC and Ask Dr. Marta became the professional online persona of the business. I run the back end of the business now so that meant up and Adam early to take care of photos and video of one of our newest services being tested in the field.

Watching my mother do her thing really took my mind back to the many times she used to take my little brother and I out to expand on what we learned in school.

Mama always had a talent for showing us a world of endless wonder even in the most unexpected places you could image like our own back yard.

What I really love about watching her now is the amazing way she helps parents and educators rediscover the fun in playing with their students.  She helps people to remember that play is a part of learning, not some frivolous activity that you send students off to do when you need a break.

So after a hard day’s work, my parents took me out to one of our favorite pizza joints in nearby Covington and I chowed down with the best of them.

After a day of work and delicious pizza it was time for me to grab a nap before birthday dinner number one was to transpire!

Tune in Monday for Part 4.

~Marta C. Youngblood

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