Transformative Thursdays: Winds of Change

Every so often, the winds of change blow and we can’t ignore its breath.  It stirs feelings of uncertainty, instability, fear, anxiety, wonder and excitement.  We are confronted with the decision to stay where we are and fight against the change or go with the wind and let it guide us to the next adventure.  If we fight against the wind, we are likely to get caught in the unpredictability of the wind and blown in many directions.  We’ll soon be frustrated, confused, tired and without clear direction.  However, if we accept the change to go with the wind, we’ll find ourselves entering a new season with a brighter outlook and embracing the wonder of life’s adventures.
There are two types of people–those who accept change and move forward and those who resist change and get stuck.  Life becomes a lot easier to navigate once we accept change and move forward.  We must anchor ourselves deeper into God’s Word and ride out the waves of change.  Holding on to “what was” or “what could have been” only hinders us from receiving “what is” and “what can be”.  Embrace this moment and allow change to spark excitement for the new thing, overcoming the feelings of comfort for the old thing.
~Coletta Jones Patterson

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