What is so special about June 23, 1980?  Well, a certain young lady entered my life and her very existence has changed my life in so many ways.  Her enthusiasm for life is infectious.  Her passion to elevate others is contagious.  Her desire to change the world is admirable.  Her capability to make things happen is immeasurable.  Her smile makes me smile to my very soul.

I will always cherish the time I spent with her during her youth.  Going on adventures to the library and the science museum.  Fixing her hair and watching movies together.  Watching her grow into the amazing young woman has been a gift from God.

So many things happened on June 23, 1980 but I will only share the top song from the top television program thirty something years ago.   You  are a special woman.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTA.


~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~

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