All Hail, Queen Nubia!


Now let’s be clear, I am a complete Marvel stand and I want to see them continue to dominate in the MCU movie and tv realm. However, I would not be mad to see DC give Marvel a true run for their money. Bringing Nubia into the current lineup could do it. If they aren’t planning on working Nubia into Wonder Woman 2 then shame on them. I don’t know if Serena Williams has the acting chops to be cast in a lead role like this one as suggested in the article, but I could totally see Angela Bassett cast as Aphrodite, mother of Nubia. (Though that could get confusing with her as the Queen Mother in the upcoming Black Panther movie…but then again Gina Torres could get that done as well.) Yes, WW2 should introduce Nubia in a meaningful way and lay the groundwork for her own feature film! #blackgirlmagic

And think of the fun someone would have casting Mars! My mind went first to Idris Elba but that would be too much considering that he is Heimdall in the MCU but a few I could see in the role are Blair Underwood (especially since they’ve killed his character off in the MCU in Agents of Shield), Eamonn Walker, Wesley Snipes, Vondie Curtis Hall, Delroy Lindo or MAYBE Common depending on how you write the role. Ugh! I need to be on this writing team!

Check out the original article on by following the link below:

~Marta C. Youngblood


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