Transformative Thursdays: When Discouragement Hits

Sometimes things just don’t happen the way we thought they would or as quickly as we had hoped.  It’s tempting to get discouraged and begin focusing on the present circumstances instead of the end result.  Thankfully, we have a Father who loves us and works behind the scenes to orchestrate our steps even better than we can.  When we trust Him and rely on His plan, we can’t go wrong.  We can shake off discouragement and keep pressing toward the goal.

When discouragement hits:

  • Take a moment and reflect on where you’ve come from. How far have you come already?  What progress have you made? Celebrate those victories.
  • Consider the seeds you are planting and realize all seeds take time to sprout and grow.  There are no overnight successes.
  • Continue to nurture your seeds (efforts) and watch God grow them.
  • Be thankful for the season you are in and learn from it. You’ll need those lessons down the road.
  • Help someone else along your journey. When you help others, it removes selfishness and allows you to focus on something bigger than yourself.
  • Be resilient. If you fail, falter or stumble, get up and keep going!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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