Therapeutic Tuesday: Teachable Moment #2

Last night, I was having problems deciphering something that God was doing deep inside of my heart. My wife picked up on that and proceeded to describe to me in very accurate detail what the issue was, and how to fix it. I immediately recognized this as truth from God, and received it. it was tough love, but it was also needed for my own personal and spiritual growth. AS I think about that now, and the many times this has happened over the course of my life, I become ever more thankful for my wife. And so my teachable moment for this week is simple:

Men, trust what God has placed inside of your wife.

We will celebrate 14 years of marriage on tomorrow. Over the 16 years of a relationship that we have built, there have been so many moments when God has used her to pierce parts of me that were closed off to Him. Parts that I had no idea were closed. Walls that I didn’t even recognize had been built. God has used my wife’s spiritual discernment to diagnose me when I never knew that I was sick. And so what I have learned is simply that God placed her with me, because He knew that she could speak to me in ways that would have to be pried open in order for Him to reach me. I don’t think that is such a bad thing.

Husbands, your wife must be your chief consultant. Besides the Holy Spirit, that is. But what I have found is that sometimes they are one in the same, especially as the Holy Spirit inhabits my wife, God will speak through her to the heart of my problems. Sometimes I hate what she has to say, but I humble myself and receive it from her because I know that she only speaks with the Father’s love for me.

We have to trust our wives enough to let our guard down. Be sensitive. Emotional. Allow our wives to see the ugliness inside of us. God can use those moments of transparency to heal us and help us become better for our wives and our families. This is one of the greatest keys to health in a marriage relationship.

And it is why I celebrate my wife. She is my gift from God.

Be blessed today!

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