Say What?!? Saturday: Confidence and Gifts

Ya’ll my eyes are watery right now but in a good way.

Took my first midterm exam in years today (writing this on a Thursday). The class started out rough bc the prof was doing everything BUT giving us the test and THEN we switched rooms to a computer lab. Well, not a big deal if I knew my log on by heart but since I have it autoset on my home computer, I didn’t. So I start to freak a bit because she has a no cellphone policy. So I get my phone out and go up to her and explain and thankfully she let me look it up and log on (thank God for OneNote). Yall I was so frazzled I didnt know where the caps lock button was!?! A classmate had to help me. I’ve been typing since Micron computers were a thing. Suuuuuper embarrassing. Anywho, I took a couple of deep breaths because, ya know, mini freak out, and began. Well, my new studying practice worked because I GOT A 98/100pts! WOOT WOOT! Medical terminology is a beast in the suffix department but GOD!

In undergrad I would study allllll the way up to the minute the test was in my hands causing all kinds of anxiety and basically pushing information OUT of my head. Obviously I didnt test well. For this exam, I studied but then last night about 9pm I shut it down. I got up about 8:30am and looked over things til 10am and then literally just chilled until my exam around 2pm.

My medical terminology proffessor talked about having confidence that you KNOW the material. Giving yourself the chance to bring the info to the forefront of your mind. I personally have always had confidence issues so this process has been very rewarding.

So I leave class and head over to financial aid and find out they messed stuff up on their end *rolls eyes* and my money may be delayed. Can they call and tell chase, ambetter an ‘nem *side eye* Anywho, I was telling my cousin/sisters about it and my cousin Marta asked if this would delay me seeing Wonder Woman. And yes, it would because brokeness. Ya’ll why did she send me a gift card *gently weeps*


My lab professor oddly enough asked me Tuesday, while grading my assignment:

Prof: you dont say much do you

Me: no not really

Prof: You remind me of my niece. I bet you dont like getting gifts do you

Me: *outloud* It depends *inwardly* pleeeeeaaase stop making talk across the class and usually I just buy what I want when I can

End Sidenote

So along with confidence, I also have a hard time accepting gifts. When I opened my email and saw the gift, my first reaction was that I wasnt worthy and my second reaction was “well how will I ever pay her back”. But a gift is just that, a gift, and Im so grateful to have Marta and Alice who sew great things into me and I hope to one day return the blessings. I wont always be broke! So I will be going to watch Wonder Woman kick all sorts of behind on Friday.

*gently weeps as she hits publish*

UPDATE (Friday):

Just got home from Wonder Woman and it was…..everything. Evvvvverrrrrything. She needed all the various experiences of her life to make her who she was. But this post is long enough lol Have a great weekend.


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