con artist

“FREE TRIAL!  SEND YOUR INFORMATION AND A FEW PARAGRAPHS OF YOUR NOVEL AND WE WILL EDIT AND PUBLISH IT FOR YOU FOR VERY LITTLE MONEY.”  Many hopeful writers have read something like this.  The line that always stopped me was “submitted information will become property of the publisher.  You will not be able to reproduce ANYTHING.  Litigation will ensue should this contract be broken.”  If I wrote the piece, I OWN the piece.  If I PAY you to edit or publish it, I am not relinquishing ownership of it.  WHAT IS THAT???

I wonder how many potential authors who have incredible stories or poems to share with the world NEVER DID because they did not want to give up ownership of something they worked hard to birth into existence?  I am sure that there are publishers/editors out there who are legit and will not put you under a contract to relinquish the piece that is so dear.  I just have not found one yet.  In the meantime, I will continue to put my heart on paper and hope that one day an HONEST and EXTREMELY PROFITABLE publishing company will see my work and believe that MY VOICE CAN AND WILL BRING LIGHT TO THIS WORLD!



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