Transformative Thursdays: How Much is Too Much?


Several years ago, I heard about a book that encourages people to declutter and basically come up with a list of 7 things that they need to live.  Everything else is considered “excess”.  I began thinking about all the “excess things” I must have because I certainly have more than 7 things.  But, how much of those extra things do we really need?  We probably can cut back and conserve our time, energy and space and make room for more lasting things.  What could we do if we didn’t have an 8 bedroom house with 10 bathrooms that we have to clean and maintain everyday?  What would we do with the extra time and money?  What if we didn’t have two closets full of clothes where we only wear half of them?  What could we do with the extra clothes and space?  What about all the food we buy that we don’t eat before it expires and we throw it away?  Who could benefit from those meals?

On the other hand, I understand the bible and take it to heart when it says, “I have come that you might have life and that more abundantly…” so I know the Lord desires for us to have the things we desire and fully enjoy life.  I also believe He asks us to be a blessing.   So where do you draw the line and find your balance?  How much is too much for you?  How much is enough?  How are you being a blessing?  Are you truly enjoying life?

I challenge us to find the balance between living life to the full and being a blessing to others by not holding on to things that may be “excess” for us.  In light of this, are there changes you will make?  Feel free to share them with me 😊

~Coletta Jones Patterson

2 thoughts on “Transformative Thursdays: How Much is Too Much?

  1. I love this Coletta! This has been on my mind while preparing (hoping) to move. I find I can do without a lot of things I have stuffed in cabinets, drawers, closets, under beds, well, you get my drift. 🙂 And these things are an abundance from the Lord! So, I gladly share them with others. My “stuff” has been a double blessing.

    As I grow older, I’m discovering that savoring life doesn’t always mean stuff. So, I’ve focused on moments and treasured them. These will never clutter my home or my heart, rather, they will be the warmth in my soul’s hearth!

    Thank you for a beautiful blog.


    1. I enjoyed reading this Coletta. It is definitely true words of wisdom from Linda as well. I too am realizing that life is not how much you really have. The feeling that you get from blessing others with the same thing you were once blessed with is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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