Free Food For Kids This Summer

Today marks the start of our June Challenge here at TheWRITEaddiction. We chose “teachable moments” as our theme which seemed to be a sensible way to enter into the summer season. Today, I encountered a teachable moment that reminded me that not all info gathering efforts on social media are scams and some in fact really do help. 

(Yay for the social media white hatted gladiators!)

Ruth Senior was actually the one who brought to my attention a text-based tool that helps you find places in your neighborhood where kids can get free meals this summer while school is out of session. I can only imagine the relief this could be for so many parents and guardians struggling to make ends meet. Both Ruth and I checked this out to make sure it was not a scam and we can verify that it works in both Texas and Georgia.

Please share this tool broadly. It could be the difference between a child going hungry. Remember, some people are ashamed to ask for this type of help directly so sharing it on your social media profile or a church bulletin board or next to the coffee maker in the break room at work might be just the thing to get the info thru to them.

Here are the directions and the screenshot of my test. The tool only asks for you me zip code, not your full address.

See my results in the pic. Spread the word!

If you have a school-aged student in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, simply text “FOOD” to 877877. You will then be asked to send your zip code, and then you will receive a message back with a location near you where they can get free summer meals.

Even if you aren’t in need, someone else may be. Please spread the word. Often times the meal or meals that a student eats at school is all that they eat that day. Summer time can be rough during those months when school is out. Let’s make sure no child goes without eating this summer. This is not a hoax, I just did it and received info for several locations in my area. Copy, paste and spread the word!

No kids should be hungry!

~ Marta C. Youngblood & Ruth Senior

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