Say What?!? Saturday: *faints*

Hello Good People!

What have I doooooooooooooooooooooone *rips clothing and nashes teeth* I’m currently taking 4 courses in 8 weeks…and not piddly little courses but two in particular rule my life: Human Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology *gently weeps*

Observations from school:

~ I’m class with children. Bonafide children. They don’t know what they dont know. They don’t listen. They talk during class like it’s a huge lecture hall *sigh* Jesus give me strength. I wanted to throat punch them.

~ My name is Ruth and I’m a chameleon. I’m adapting. We’ll see how great that is or..not.

~ My name is Ruth and I’m a stress-aholic. I have been in a state of adrenaline for about a week. You know that “I’m up! I’m good! I’m up!” wide eyed-ness.  Then when I finally close a textbook, it takes about an 1.5hrs to come back down.

~ I currently have test to do in A&P but it’s taken me FOREVER to get through chapter 2. Why Sway? How Sway? Help Sway?

~ I have a “uniform” of sorts. It’s a ugly button down with the school logo on one side of my chest and my department name on the other. And it has a pocket -_____ – Also shoes that are wipe-able aka ugly. I will just have to make sure my hair is on point…but when will I have the time?

Anywho, I said I’d bring you along. So here it is.

Maybe I’ll mellow out next week *writes mellow out on her to-do list and then agonizes over whether she will have time to mellow out*


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