Say What?!? Saturday: Shaking off the dust

Whew! I survived my first day back in a traditional class room since 2009. Ya’ll I’m tiahd (tired)! Class was yesterday and I spent the majority of today in the school library which is pretty nice for this small institution.

In this short 8-week span, I will be taking 4 courses, 2 of which will be my main focus: Anatomy & Physiology 1 and Medical Terminology. Lawd help on the other two lol

Some observations:

~ My Med. Term prof is everything!

~ Lord bless the chirren. A girl asked if the quizzes were multiple choice and if we get a word bank *blank stare* The prof politely replied “I wouldn’t insult you with a word bank!”

~ The campus bookstore only hires ratchett and rude. I’ve never run across such rude customer service two days in a row by two different people. Heifers *ahem* Petty Boop moment.

~ In other news, one course is giving me an opportunity to identify my learning styles and gather techniques to be successful! I’m diggin it.

If I hadn’t explained my first day back at least 6 times already, honestly this post would have more but I’m tuckered out. lol I may come back for an update though. All in all, I believe this semester will go well if I buckle down and focus.

Until Next Time





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