confused directions


We are constantly in motion.  They tell us that movement is good for the body.  They also tell us movement keeps our minds active.  What they don’t caution you about is what to do when your mind gets too full.  Haven’t you had those moments when your mind is trying to think about fifty million and eleven things ALL AT THE SAME TIME?  Well, what do you do when this happens?  I mean,  really?  Well, first things first.  SLOW DOWN, WRITE IT DOWN, TAKE YOUR TIME, THEN GET IT DONE!  I realize that we live in a I NEED IT RIGHT NOW time but there is only one of you.  Are you going to stress yourself to the point where you don’t even want to be around yourself? That answer should be a resounding NO by the way.  I have a great deal on my plate right now but so do a lot of other people.  Am I going to go through life griping about it or am I going to just do what I can do?  I have a saying and it goes like this:  ALL I CAN DO IS WHAT I CAN DO ONE DAY AT A TIME!  This is true.  I don’t have Genie powers or a Wizards wand.  I do, however, have skills to accomplish what I must and fortunately a group of people around me that understands (most of the time) that I have things to do and my attention is not always available.  THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION THOUGH . . . .my family will ALWAYS have my attention.  No matter how busy I get or how full my mind may become, FAMILY will ALWAYS come first.  My son, husband, siblings, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, . . . family matters the most to me. Now don’t get me wrong.  There are times when your mind can be cluttered with family issues but even there I encourage US to SLOW DOWN, WRITE IT DOWN, TAKE YOUR TIME, THEN GET IT DONE!  Trust me.  This works in all situations if you want to keep your sanity.

~~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~~

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