Mellow Mondays: Tears of Joy

We had our annual Baccalaureate program at church yesterday.  I was the led for this event so naturally I was running around trying to ensure everything was in order.  The moment that I was able to sit down I became teary eyed because the little eight year olds that I met when I first moved to NWA.  I can’t believe these kids are going to be college students in the fall.  I had to stay gangsta and not let the tears fall doing my reflective moments.  But I remember being that high school senior at my church back home.  Getting ready to embark on a new life.  Living on my own.  Being away from my parents.  I understand now why parents are so emotional during this time of their child’s life.  You are letting your baby bird fly from the nest.

Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates.  Don’t be confused by the tears you see… me they are tears of joy.

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