Never Give Up (My Instagram Musings)

Field work was a blessed change of pace.  There is something about touching the big sledge for getting posts in deeper and walking with the horses that is cathartic.

Our new pasture are open and the fences needed a little love. We are manifesting something big.


My clothing project (Solgave Clothing)  gets 45 final days of 20 hours per week once we enter Monday.

I’m so close I can taste it.

Website is up and I’ve got categories but Shopfiy is not seeing the theme well and that’s not a big deal when you outsource it, but now I’m trying to do it on my own and learn fast.

Shopify new apps to help shopper experience are coming in.

While we wait on finally getting new shirts sent here for real cover photos with current product. Target marketing. New angle is powerful inspiration words “Step up” “Prove Them Wrong” with logo woven in. Stories and live video weekly. I’m grounded so content and video will get better. WE are inspired. WE believe in the power of manifestation. And intense fortitude. Stay tuned for the altruistic healing center and coaching facility with rope elements for team building. Workshops. Animal therapy.  Guided by a new kind of love. 5 years of prophetic vision. Read the blog titled “Solgave – The Birth, Growth, and the Dream” (in link today) Our animal care was manifested in detail 6 months before launch. We didn’t see the awards or magazine articles but we saw sweat. Hard work. And results building over time. Now we build the Project.

@americaninscandinavia at Instagram

@solgaveclothing at Instagram

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