Mellow Mondays: A Good Cleansing

Marta has issued another interesting challenge this month for the WRITEaddiction group. I should have seen it coming but I was too tired to pick up on it.  SN:  I’m so happy I got to see you this past weekend and your mom gave me her hugs that are a balm for my soul.  Our challenge this month is to write about water.  This past weekend I’ve seen enough water to last me until July.  We had a mini monsoon in Northwest Arkansas.  Who would have thought we would have as much flooding as we did in these mountains.

The thought below came to this morning as I was texting one of my friends who I considered by one of my accountability partners:

Good Morning! It’s the 1st of the month.  Our writing challenge for May is to talk about water.  And I thought about all of the rain we’ve gotten this past weekend and realized God takes us through a vigorous cleanse sometimes to re-shine us for a greater purpose.  The rough cleanse is to remove all impurities.  So let’s agree – we are going to start this month off purposely knowing all of the negatives have been washed away.  We are going to have a great month.  Expect great things. And show the world the diamond God has created.  Oh and no sodas.

Water is one of the simplest chemical substances has the greatest power to do amazing things for body, our earth, and our spiritual being.  We just have to remember the importance of making it apart of a day.

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