Transformative Thursdays: The Problem With Procrastination

Over the last few months, I’ve been planning a fundraising event for my job.  By nature, I’m not a procrastinator because I have never enjoyed working under pressure.  I prefer to have a plan in place months ahead and tackle baby steps along the way.  Every day, I can track my progress and see if I need to pick up the pace, simplify tasks or delegate things to a team member.  This allows me to breathe and pace myself, much like in a race.  I’ve prepared myself for whatever may come up in preparation of the event.

This week I had the privilege of planning a successful event and seeing the fruit of planning ahead.  There was very little “rush-rush” the week before and no stress on my part.  The event went off without a hitch or any major mishaps.  Once again, I saw the benefits of planning ahead, working a realistic plan, simplifying tasks & enlisting help.

Many procrastinators use the phrase, “I work better under pressure…” and wait until the last minute to complete a project.  And many times the project may be a success but at what cost?  How much sleep did you lose in waiting until the last minute to study for that exam?  How much mental duress were you under not knowing if you  would finish on time?  How much more effective and calm would you have been if you had started a little sooner and had a plan?

Next time you are tempted to wait until the last minute or put off a task tomorrow that can be done today, take a moment and think about what you may be risking by waiting.  What if the 110% you gave the night before a major project could have been given each day along the way?  How much better would your project be? Train yourself to think ahead, plan ahead and allow your body to get the rest and health it needs for optimal results.  Procrastination doesn’t pay off in the long run.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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