What’s Happening Wednesday: The Last Stanza

So, it’s the final week of National Poetry month. I fully intended to do a video blog of me performing an original piece, but the way my life is set up…
Well, let’s just say that will have to wait for another day.

A couple of weeks ago, I did post an original villanelle and a limerick. That should count for something.

I used to write poetry all the time. You could give me a topic, and within 15 minutes, I’d have at least 3 good stanzas.

I don’t do that any more. Now when I put pen to paper, it’s usually to write down my tasks for the day, or to pay a bill, or to doodle during a “mandatory meeting”. A few years ago, I tried to force a poem out…and I came up with one line. It was not a poem, but it was the best line I had ever written.

“I used to fancy myself a poet, then I realized everything I’d ever written was a prologue to the story I’d write with you.”

I know it’s hard to believe, with my sarcasm, and sadistic sense of humor, but deep down, (way, way, deep down,)I’m a romantic. I see your cyber side-eyes, out there. Especially you, Ernie Radford!! But it’s true. Hope springs eternal in me. And to prove it, I’m going to write you the most romantic poem ever, a sonnet.

Sonnet 45 by Gabrielle Radford

The world is coming to an end real soon.
The hand writing is seen upon the wall.
Be it at night, sunrise or afternoon.
We all will have to answer heaven’s call.

The earth will mourn the souls of kindly men
As shadows creep upon the dust and sky
And what, praytell, was their deadliest sin?
Watching others do harm while they stood by.

So do not be a watcher in these days
While suffering abides in others homes
Lest you be caught up in the latest craze,
and buried next to them amongst the loams
Resist the dark, instead embrace the light.
Do what you must, create, scream/kick and fight.

That’s right, peoples! Iambic pentameter on a random Wednesday morning. I just nerd leveled up.

Here’s hoping you find the poetry in the rest of you week.

And in case sonnets aren’t your thing, here’s a link to some modern day poetry for you.

Because a good nerd needs to be well versed in popular culture, as well as the classics.

Nerd love,
Mama Radford

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