Therapeutic Tuesday: Honoring the Big Homie

I remember the first time that I ever heard “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” it blew my mind. Gil Scott-Heron absolutely snapped on this poem, and as true as it was back then. it is still overwhelmingly true now. I don’t think that it is a divisive poem. I think it is one that calls us all into a social consciousness. Now, while I would never refer to police officers as “pigs”, the sentiment was borne out of a sense of helplessness that so many still feel today. Right or wrong, that is not my purpose in posting this. I’m posting this poem this morning just because I remember how empowered I felt when I first heard it. So empowered, in fact, that I wrote a Christian- themed poem based off of this.  So, any of my Caucasian brothers and sisters who read this, understand that is a statement on what has to happen in the hearts of every man and woman if we are to truly realize the goal of humanity. The Revolution must begin in us, in order to spread beyond us. And it will not be televised!

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