Say What?!? Saturday: Rug Time

Soooooooooooooooooo my budget is shorter than a toddler’s patience so I decided I was going to make a rag rug. I had both left over fabric scraps and some tshirts I no longer wore. I immediately went to scowering Youtube.  I found this video and thought “hey! No problem!”

I jumped in the car and zoomed on over to the Walmart. Now there was an important distinction to be made that I completely missed. They suggest a RUG no skid mat NOT a shelf liner with holes in it. Unfortunately, I bought the latter.

Confident with my $5 roll of shelf liner *face palm* I head home. After 20min of trying to use a latch hook and alternatively trying to cut bigger holes, I gave up. I let the project sit for awhile.

Then inspiration! A rug is just some cushion with fabric right? A means to stop a draft right?  So I cut and layered the liner  and covered it in fabric. See pics and explanation below:

These holes are waaaaaaay too small. See the reference YouTube video above smh

So I wanted to attach this to itself quickly without glue, due to there being holes so, I got out my desk stapler. It worked surprisingly well!

I left an overlap of fabric inorder to glue it to the matt. I knew I’d want to wash this so I used up what was left of my Liquid stitch (waterproof) and in conjunction a permanent glue that was also waterproof. 

So here is my “rug”. I threw this together so I think its about 20×20 roughly. Ohhhh but I wasnt done! 

The pattern in this fabric has always been a bit busy. If I recall, Ive had this fabric for at least 5yrs and didnt know what to do with it. Dont even really know why I bought it.  Anywho, I broke out my black sharpie to see what I could color in to make it a bit calmer. 

This is a before and after comparison:

Final product! Im pretty happy with it. It serves the purpose of keeping my feet off of the cold floor. Eventually, I will probably buy a rug but for now, this’ll do!


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