Transformative Thursdays: Believe for the Best

So many times, we expect the worst or dwell on the what if it doesn’t happen.  But how many times, have you caught yourself and stopped and expected the best?  What if it does happen?  Expectations have a lot to do with what we experience in life.  If you expect your spouse to treat you badly, they will because you will always find yourself looking for them to treat you that way.  If you expect others to talk negatively about you, they will because you will dwell on the negative things they say and dismiss the positive.  If you expect your supervisor to call you out and say negative things about you, they will because you are fixated on the negative.  I once heard someone say, “Whatever you magnify, becomes bigger.”  In other words, whatever you spend the bulk of your time thinking about, that’s what will become your reality.

On the flip side, let’s look at what happens when you dwell on the positive and expect the best in every situation.  When you expect to get a raise or promotion, eventually that will happen because you are working towards that goal and not allowing anything to stop you.  When you expect your spouse to treat you well, they will because you become fixated on loving them how you want to be loved.  When you expect the best in life, good things happen.  That’s not to say we don’t experience loss or go through difficult times, but even in those seasons, we expect something good to happen.

Scripture reminds us that ALL things work together for our good if we are the called according to His purpose.  If you are doing what you should and walking in the ways of Christ, ALL things will work for your good.  We have no reason not to expect the BEST in life.  Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.  Change your expectations and you’ll change your life.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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